Act 46 Input, Questions, Comments

Please contact the superintendent's office or board members of the Champlain Valley School District with questions related to implementation of the consolidated school district. Contact information can be found from <> Thank you!

Act 46 Background, and implications for CSSU:

Act 46, passed in the 2015 legislative session, lays out routes supervisory unions can follow to create more equitable, more efficient, and higher quality educational opportunities for students across the state.

Goals (Act 46, Sec. 2) are to:

  • Provide substantial equity in the quality and variety of educational opportunities statewide;
  • Lead students to achieve or exceed the State’s Education Quality Standards;
  • Maximize operational efficiencies through increased flexibility to manage, share, and transfer resources, with a goal of increasing the supervisory district-level ratio of students to full-time equivalent staff;
  • Promote transparency and accountability; and
  • Be delivered at a cost that parents and taxpayers value.
Merger Types allowable under Act 46, Sec. 6(a):
A. Unified Union District -
The Champlain Valley School District is organized as a "unified union district", approved by voters June 2016.

Re-organization of a supervisory union into a single supervisory district. (
Effective July 1, 2017, all assets and liabilities for the school districts of CSSU have been moved into one operational district:  Five towns, six schools, one budget)

For CSSU, a single board for all of our PK-12 schools is governed by one board with oversight for the newly formed Champlain Valley School District. Board representation is proportional to populations.
(As of July 1, 2017, seven boards have been replaced with one twelve-member board. The seven legacy boards have remained active for audit purposes through December 31, 2017.)

Because this was approved by voters 
by the state's June 30, 2016 deadline for maximizing incentives, the consolidated district will receive school tax rates reductions from the state:
Year 1: 10 cents
Year 2: 8 cents
Year 3: 6 cents
Year 4: 4 cents
Year 5: 2 cents
B. Modified Unified Union School District 

Re-organization of current structure into 2 districts and 1 SU – this would be the result of two or three of our communities voting for merger and one or two voting against merger by June 30, 2017.

For CSSU, this would mean 2 or 3 district boards and one SU board.

Reduction of school tax rate by:

Year 1: 8 cents
Year 2: 6 cents
Year 3: 4 cents
Year 4: 2 cents