Charge of the committee

The CSSU Act 46 Study Committee was formed in response to 2015 legislation. The twelve-member committee included representation from all CSSU member communities. The task of this committee was to explore the possibility of consolidating the current districts of Chittenden South into a single district.

On September 28, 2015, the CSSU Study Committee convened for its first meeting. The goal of this committee was to provide the CSSU community a recommendation for action by first quarter 2016.

The committee's formal charge:
  1. In accordance with Title 16 §706b, Act 46, and Acts 153/156, study the benefits and challenges of forming a union district comprising the participating towns of the SU.

  2. Contract with outside person(s) to support the work of the committee within the established budget. This may include but is not limited to: process facilitation, data analysis, facilitation of committee discussions, legal counsel and community forum 

  3. Make a determination as to whether the formation of a union district is advisable and should be taken to the voters. Should the committee recommend the decision be taken to the voters, recommend also the timing of the vote.

  4. Prepare a report for the State Board of Education including all elements required by Title 16 §706b and Act 46 in the formation of a union district. The report should be submitted in a timely fashion to allow for a community vote, if held, to occur prior to June 1st, 2016. (Vote held June 2016, passing by an approximate 2:1 margin.)

  5. Develop the Articles of Agreement required in Title 16 §706b

  6. Keep the SU Board regularly apprised of the committee’s progress. Specifically: the committee work plan (no later than 10/20/15) , community engagement plan, draft articles of agreement, summary of financial implications to individual communities, summary of committee’s decision criteria and final report and recommendation.