Committee Membership

Contact us at (CSSU Act 46 Study Committee Chair: Colleen MacKinnon)

Members are appointed by district boards, in proportion to school-age populations and with the intention of including individuals with CVU Board affiliation.

Facilitator, VSBA Consultant Dr. Michael Deweese
(2) Charlotte Erik Beal (Charlotte / CSSU Boards)
  Mark McDermott (Charlotte / CSSU Boards)
(2) Hinesburg Colleen MacKinnon (Hinesburg / CSSU Boards)
  Keith Roberts (Hinesburg / CSSU Boards)
(3) Shelburne Dave Connery (Shelburne / CSSU Boards)
  Russ Caffry (former Shelburne /CSSU Boards)
  Tim Williams (Shelburne Board)
(1) St. George Kelly Bowen (St. George / CSSU Boards)
  Eric Hunter (St. George / serving as alternate)
(4) Williston Kevin Mara (Williston / CSSU Boards)
  Karen Maklad (Williston Board)
  Jeanne Jensen (CVU / CSSU Boards)
  Gene McCue (CVU Board / Williston Resident)
 Administration Elaine Pinckney (Superintendent) Bob Mason (COO) Megan Roy (Student Services) Sandy Raymond (Executive Assistant, Board Secretary)