Committee Membership

Members were appointed by district boards (Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, Williston, St. George), in proportion to school-age populations. Local boards also ensured some members had CVU High School Board experience.

For questions about our study process, research, and activities, please contact "CSSU Act 46 Study Committee" Chair, Colleen MacKinnon at <>

Facilitator, VSBA Consultant Dr. Michael Deweese
(2) Charlotte Erik Beal (Charlotte / CSSU Boards)
  Mark McDermott (Charlotte / CSSU Boards)
(2) Hinesburg Colleen MacKinnon (Hinesburg / CSSU Boards) - Study Committee Chair
  Keith Roberts (Hinesburg / CSSU Boards)
(3) Shelburne Dave Connery (Shelburne / CSSU Boards)
  Russ Caffry (former Shelburne /CSSU Boards)
  Tim Williams (Shelburne Board)
(1) St. George Kelly Bowen (St. George / CSSU Boards)
  Eric Hunter (St. George / serving as alternate)
(4) Williston Kevin Mara (Williston / CSSU Boards)
  Karen Maklad (Williston Board)
  Jeanne Jensen (CVU / CSSU Boards)
  Gene McCue (CVU Board / Williston Resident)
 Administration Elaine Pinckney (Superintendent) Bob Mason (COO) Megan Roy (Student Services) Sandy Raymond (Executive Assistant, Board Secretary)